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  • 11月 25, 2020
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Planetary gearboxes are limited in normal operation and have a significant impact on planetary gearbox systems. The key to making full use of the gear reducer function is to increase the firepower of the gear reducer. We usually increase the firepower of planetary gearboxes by cooling planetary gearbox systems. Under normal circumstances, the method of adding rated cooling to the planetary gearbox mainly includes cooling fans, water-cooled cots and several ways to smooth the exterior.
1. Cooling method for cooling fan (fan cooling) of planetary gearbox:
The use of fan cooling is a relatively simple and easy way to operate, but it should be noted that fan cooling is not suitable for use in some cases. For example, when the gearbox is cooled under a coal mine, if a fan is used, it will work near the working environment. or machinery and equipment is seriously contaminated and uses radiation heat exchange, so the loss of heat is limited;
2. Cooling method of water-cooled disc tube of hardened surface planetary reducer:
The water-cooled cob is mounted on the bottom surface of the gearbox and the cooling water is connected to the side of the pipe to increase the thermal conductivity of the planetary gearbox. The disc tube is used to dissipate heat at different flow speeds and at different speeds of cooling water. The cooling effect and the flow of cooling water are directly related to the flow. However, the periper of the tube should not be too long and easy to dissipate heat.
Planetary gearbox in the heating or cooling process, due to rod damage, oil loss, seal damage, etc. , so that will generate a lot of heat and planetary gearbox due to high power and gradually increase, so that the system works.

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