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  • 10月 27, 2020
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The reducer produced according to customer-provided parameters is different from the standard type of gearbox and is called a non-standard gearbox. General non-standard gearboxes are made of steel plate welding, and the style can be designed and manufactured to produce non-standard reducers according to customer demand. Non-standard gearbox according to customer-provided parameters of the production of gearboxes are generally used for low-speed high torque transmission equipment, the production of non-standard gearbox before the customer must understand the principle of the gearbox and the role of the gearbox, deceleration ratio, transmission ratio, usage coefficient, swing needle wheel gearbox principle, gearbox components, gearbox installation and other commonly used special terms for non-standard gearbox selection and use play a vital role. Today let’s find out under what circumstances we use a non-standard gearbox!
Application conditions for non-standard gearboxes:
1. Crane industry, the wheelbase between the input shaft and the output shaft needs to be increased, because the output shaft with reel, wheelbase is not enough, the arrangement can not be opened, so it is necessary to increase the center distance of the gearbox, welding box to do non-standard.
2. Some ambient temperature is high, dusty occasions, the general user does not allow the gearbox plus any cooling methods, including shaft fans, water cooling devices, etc., so that can only increase the deceleration chassis or surface to increase the heat dissipator to naturally cool, in order to meet the thermal power requirements of the reducer, so that the need for non-standard gearbox
3. Then the customer needs a special speed ratio, and the customer’s machine needs to use the speed ratio, can do for them non-standard speed ratio.
4. The gearbox always has a change of angle during use, which requires the gearbox to be equipped with shaft end pump or electric pump for forced lubrication.
5. Customers need to detect oil temperature and bearing temperature, need to deceleration machine punch to increase the temperature detection unit, such as PT100.
Maintenance and maintenance of non-standard gearboxes:
1, before starting the press to check whether the oil surface in the reducer meets the requirements. Press the prompt to open or change the air cap to make it breathable and check that the rotation is flexible.
2, load test run empty for about half an hour before, confirm that empty load without fault after the force can be loaded and run. The test drive should always check the operation situation: there must be no abnormal impact, vibration, no seepage, oil leakage. Temperature rise shall not exceed 60 degrees C, the maximum oil temperature shall not exceed 100 degrees C (daily work should also be checked from time to time) all normal can be officially worked.
3, the work found abnormal conditions should be stopped to check, identify, troubleshooting before continuing to work. Check the lubrication situation from time to time, pay attention to the amount of oil, timely replacement of the bad lubricants.
4, if there is a change in installation direction. In general, the oil mirror, oil plug, air cap can be changed.
5, the gearbox should always keep clean. The outer surface must not accumulate dust to avoid affecting heat dissipation.
6, storage: in dry ventilation. Store at room temperature. Rust-proof treatment should be made when the storage period exceeds three months. Place a gearbox for about a year, when using to check whether the seal is aging, oil is bad.
The production customization of non-standard gearbox solves the difficulty of not being able to use normal gearbox mechanically for some customers, and makes the application of gearbox more widely.

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