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  • 10月 25, 2020
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Precision oblique-toothed planetary gearbox is one of many planetary gearboxes, precision oblique-toothed planetary gearboxes are widely used in major automation equipment because of their high precision, low noise and smooth operation. GearKo will introduce the concept of precision oblique-toothed planetary gearbox, the internal structure diagram and working principle of precision oblique-toothed planetary gearbox.
Precision oblique-toothed planetary gearbox concept.
Planetary gearboxes are gear drives, and gears for gear reducers include straight and oblique gears. The planetary gear of the oblique gear is called the oblique gear planetary gear reducer, the oblique-toothed planetary gearbox, and the precision oblique-toothed planetary gearbox.
The main transmission structures in the precision oblique-toothed planetary gearbox are: planetary wheel, solar wheel, outer ring gear.
Since a set of planetary gears cannot meet the larger transmission ratio, 2 or 3 sets are sometimes required to meet the requirements of the user’s larger transmission ratio. According to the number of sets of the planetary wheel inside, it can be divided into one, two and three levels.
As the number of planetary gears is increased, the length of the stage 2 or 3 gearbox increases and the efficiency decreases.
The structure of the planetary gearbox is very compact, and we can see that the structure of the planetary gearbox is also very simple, including: connecting plate, coupling, lower cover plate, sun gear, planetary wheel, inner ring, upper cover plate and planetary transstrate.
How the precision oblique-toothed planetary gearbox works.
The drive source starts the sun gear in a straight knot or connection, and the sun gear is combined with the planetary gear on the planetary frame to drive the operation. The entire set of planetary gear systems rotates automatically along the outer gear ring, and the planetary frame connects the output of the force shaft to achieve deceleration. The higher deceleration ratio is accumulated by multiplying the multiplies of multiple stage gears and planetary gears.

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