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  • 10月 25, 2020
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Many of my friends who are just starting out in the servo gearbox industry don’t know what precision planetary gearboxes and planetary gearboxes mean. Many users will consult servo planetary gearbox manufacturers: what is the difference between a precision planetary gearbox and a planetary gearbox? In this planetary gearbox manufacturers for you to analyze the specific meaning of precision planetary gearbox and planetary gearbox.
In fact, precision planetary gearboxes and planetary reducers are the same thing, precision planetary reducers and planetary reducers are no different.
Precision planetary gearbox is another term for planetary gearbox in the servo gearbox industry, just like the same person has a different name, has a big name, has a small name, whether it is a big name or a small name refers to the same person.
Planetary gearboxes can also be called servo planetary gearboxes, precision planetary gearboxes, precision planetary gearboxes, planetary gear reducers, servo precision planetary gearboxes…
You see the name of the planetary gearbox is really quite a lot, don’t look at so many names, in fact, all refers to the planetary gearbox.
The role of planetary gearboxes:
1, increase torque, the main role of the planetary reducer is to increase the torque of the motor, you can choose a small power motor to achieve high torque output.
2, variable speed function, planetary gearbox can achieve the high speed of the motor into the low speed required by the equipment, deceleration ratio is accurate positive integer.
3, precise positioning, planetary gearbox also servo motor combination, through pulse control to achieve the precise positioning of equipment, quantitative infusity, measurement angle and other functions.
Processing of planetary gearboxes:
Planetary gear reducers are made of high-quality alloy steel and are treated with carbon-nitrogen co-permeation for optimum wear resistance and impact toughness.
Using ANSYS technology to carry out finite meta-analysis of gear strength, and at the same time to the profile and conduction dressing, in order to reduce the impact and noise of gear meshing, increase the service life of the gear system.
The output planetary frame is designed with an all-in-one (double support) structure, with front and rear bearings in large span distribution boxes to form a stable, one-in-one structure to ensure high torsional rigidity and accuracy.
The ring gear and output housing are designed in an integrated way, with high-quality steel and hot-forged for a higher material density. The all-in-one design ensures that all geometry is machined in one go, with greater accuracy and strength than other embedded, clamped, etc.
The input shaft and the locking device adopt the integrated design, the double bolt symmetrical distribution, to achieve the dynamic balance at the same time, through the strong locking of the double bolt, effectively prevent the electric shaft transmission slip, to achieve high-precision zero back gap power transmission.

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