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  • 10月 22, 2020
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Intelligence is becoming more and more common, the early machinery industry’s old-fashioned transmission equipment has been gradually replaced, today’s machinery and equipment are fully automated and efficient operation, oblique-toothed planetary reducers in the mechanical industry is also more and more widely used. Mechanical knowledge we all know, but to understand the subtle but not easy, oblique-toothed planetary reducer in the first installation, not in strict accordance with the instructions for the correct installation, the operation of the fault will be “followed.” GearKo planetary gearbox manufacturers teach you to properly install oblique-toothed planetary gearboxes, as well as things to be aware of.
1. Oblique-toothed planetary gearbox before installation to check the nameplate requirements on the gearbox motor, whether the power supply meets;
2. When installing rotating parts on the output shaft, do not hit with a hammer, usually using the internal thread of the assembly fixture and shaft end, with bolts to press the rotating parts in, otherwise it is likely to cause damage to the internal parts of the oblique-toothed planetary reducer. Improper installation can cause early damage to the bearings and, in severe cases, breakage of the output shaft.
3. Although oblique-toothed planetary gearbox can be used in any environment, but it is recommended that we try to avoid the use in harsh environments, should be used in oil-free, acid, alkali, harmful gases and other places.
Install the oblique-toothed planetary gearbox, remember to install a grounding device to prevent electric shock accidents, there is also the installation to lock firmly and reliably, mechanical equipment must not produce displacement in operation.

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