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  • 9月 29, 2020
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Planetary retarder is a more prominent performance of the decelerator, due to structural reasons, its single-stage deceleration minimum of 3, the maximum usually does not exceed 10, the more common deceleration ratio is: 3/4/5/6/8/10, the reducer series is usually not more than 3, but some large deceleration ratio of the custom decelerator can reach 4 deceleration. So what is the difference between planetary gearboxes and other types of reducers? GearKo gives you a brief introduction:
Compared with other retarders, planetary retarders have the advantages of high accuracy (up to 1 minute in a single stage), high rigidity, high transmission efficiency (97%-98% in a single stage), maintenance-free and high torque and volume ratio. It is precisely because of these characteristics that planetary gearboxes are mostly used in stepper motors and servo motors to increase torque, reduce speed and match inertia. It is also a type of reducer that is currently widely used.

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