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  • 9月 29, 2020
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The series of planetary gear reducers refers to the number of sets of planetary gears, and the transmission structure of the planetary reducer is the planetary wheel, solar wheel and inner ring of teeth as can be seen from the internal structure diagram of the planetary gearbox.
Because a set of planetary gears can not meet the larger transmission ratio, this time need 2 or 3 sets to meet the requirements of the support of larger transmission ratio, because of the increase in the number of planetary gears, so the length of the 2nd or 3rd stage reducer will increase, efficiency will be reduced.
The difference between a first-stage planetary gearbox and a second-stage planetary gearbox.
1, the difference between the two is actually the difference between the number of gear sets.
2, the difference in efficiency, the efficiency of the secondary planetary gearbox is lower than the efficiency of the first-stage planetary gearbox.
3, the difference in length, the secondary planetary gearbox is longer than the first-stage planetary gearbox.
4, the difference between the transmission ratio, the secondary planetary gearbox than the first-stage planetary gearbox transmission ratio is large.
The drive source starts the sun gear in a straight knot or connection, and the sun gear is combined with the planetary gear on the planetary frame to drive the operation. The entire set of planetary gear systems rotates automatically along the outer gear ring, and the planetary frame connects the output of the force shaft to achieve deceleration. The higher deceleration ratio is accumulated by multiplying the multiplies of multiple stage gears and planetary gears.

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