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  • 9月 26, 2020
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With the rapid development of planetary transmission technology, with the small size, light weight, compact structure, large carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency, smooth operation, strong impact resistance, large transmission ratio, can achieve the synthesis and decomposition of motion and many other advantages, planetary gearboxes are widely used in various industries. It brings automation to industrial production and promotes the development of full automation. Today we going to look at the application of planetary gearboxes in light sweepers. The sweeper reducer can also be called a polishing machine reducer, specifically for glass screen mirror polishing.
App background:
With the rise of smartphones, the glass cover is widely used in mobile phone screen, as a new industry, and the appearance of surface glass (2.5D and 3D) market prospects are very promising, CNC sweeper is now a good solution to the taste of the city a group of smartphone glass face sweep transparency, texture of the high requirements. The light sweeper planetary gearbox is critical, not too fast, too slow, and requires high efficiency and low noise.
How it works:
Put the glassed fixture on the upper turntable, the upper turntable moves down to the corresponding position, the lower turntable and the upper turntable rotate in the opposite direction at the same time, after reaching the set time, the machine automatically stops, the manual again put the glass fixture on the upper turntable, so round and round the cycle.
In summary, polishing abrasives must be selected and used correctly during glass edge sweeping. First of all, according to the type and model of the glass sweeper special gear reducer used to determine which type of sweeping abrasive to choose. The same type of sweeper, due to the quality of different, the accuracy of different sweeping abrasive polishing effect and service life will be different.
Secondly, to check 査 diamond rough grinding wheel and fine grinding wheel used in the test is suitable. If the rough grinding wheel and the diamond particle size of the grinding wheel is thick, it is difficult to throw away the grinding marks of the diamond grinding wheel completely, it will inevitably affect the polishing effect of the polishing abrasive, the same will increase the wear and tear of the polishing abrasive, reduce its service life.
According to the processing requirements for the glass edge. That is, the brightness requirements, to choose the use of suitable light sweeper reducer, in order to meet the processing requirements, but also played a role in reducing production costs, improve production efficiency. After the most, observe the grinding sweep specification. Polishing abrasives should be carefully checked before installation査 if there are cracks, when installing, the application of diameter is not less than one-third of the diameter of the polishing abrasives, the use of polishing abrasives speed, not exceeding the current speed of safe work regulations, not specifically using the end face of the work of the polishing abrasives, prohibited to the end face of the abrasives Work; the flow of cooling water should be sufficient; to operate in accordance with the safety operating procedures of the sweeper, choose the appropriate working pressure and the speed of glass travel: the storage period of the abrasive should prevent freezing, moisture, should not be long-term storage, should not be in contact with alkali, otherwise it will affect the strength of the sweeper and the ability to sweep light.
The light-sweeping machine reducer is a new generation of equipment improved by the double-sided flat grinding process, which has the characteristics of large product load, high yield and high speed. Mainly for mobile phone protection paste / 2.5D / 3D surface, and sapphire, ceramics and other products. It is really used for different product polishing needs. The disk is controlled by a one-size-a-go gearbox to maintain a constant torque output, whether at low or high speeds.

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