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  • 9月 26, 2020
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Any mechanical equipment is in need of maintenance, planetary gearbox as a very important standard part of mechanical equipment is also need to maintain, only in peacetime effective maintenance of the planetary reducer, in order to allow the planetary reducer to reduce wear and tear, planetary gearbox working life can be improved by appropriate maintenance and maintenance measures.
Right-angle planetary gearbox is very common in the industrial industry, many equipment for the installation size of the gearbox has certain requirements, such as the installation of side gearbox, if the use of parallel shaft reducer, will protrude a large block, neither beautiful nor wasted unnecessary space, this time need to choose GearKo right-angle reducer, GearKo right-angle reducer is using quasi-double surface deceleration structure, transmission efficiency of more than 90%, far more than 20% of the traditional RV reducer, Can greatly reduce the use of space, without affecting the structure and operation of the product. So the day-to-day maintenance of the GearKo right-angle gearbox is the same as other gearboxes, or will it be different, let’s discuss it with you.
Like most gearboxes, right-angle planetary gearboxes default to IP44, where customers have requirements, such as dust work environment, or to operate outdoor conditions, this requires IP54 protection level, I believe we all note that the highest waterproof level is 4, can only splash water, so the usual use of GearKo right-angle reducer if you find water droplets on the machine, need to wipe dry in time, otherwise water seepage motor will be easily damaged.
Right angle reducer’s gearbox part at the beginning of the design is set to avoid maintenance, so there is no oil hole, so customers do not have to worry about the use of the deceleration tank oil, but need to regularly check the oil seal, operation time is a long time, because the oil seal is rubber products, in the shaft rotation will be in a long time in a high temperature state is easy to age, once found oil leakage phenomenon, you need to contact the manufacturer immediately, in the case of oil leakage is not serious can change the oil seal, if the oil leakage is more, Only return to the factory to refuel and replace the seal.
In the process of using right-angle planetary gearbox, it is necessary to clean the surface dust of the reducer regularly, and pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise noise noise appears, once there is abnormal noise noise noise must stop running immediately, the problem check can be ruled out in order to continue to use. There are many reasons for abnormal noise noise, it may be that there is no installation tight, jitter occurs during operation, or it may be that the shaft installation did not pay attention to the same degree of heart, it is also possible that the gear in the gear box broke, so it must be checked to exclude in order to continue to put into use.
A right-angle planetary gearbox is a 90-degree right angle between the motor input shaft and the gearbox output shaft. Because the motor input shaft and the gearbox output shaft into a 90-degree right angle relationship, in the installation of the motor is generally parallel with the equipment, close to the equipment, unlike the parallel shaft reducer, the motor is vertical and equipment, right angle reducer can save a lot of space, and the right-angle reducer is generally directly installed on the equipment, the installation angle can be 360 degrees dead-angle installation, installation flexibility.


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