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  • 9月 16, 2020
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With the rapid development of planetary transmission technology, with the small size, light weight, compact structure, large carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency, smooth operation, strong impact resistance, large transmission ratio, can achieve the synthesis and decomposition of motion and many other advantages, planetary reducers are widely used in various industries. It brings automation to industrial production and promotes the development of full automation. Today we take a look at the application of planetary gearboxes on CNC machines.
CNC cribs and turning centers can be used with at least three or more. X, Z axis of the in- and fast-forward, fast, smooth. High-precision low-back gap servo planetary gearbox with precision ball screw use, so that the mechanical failure rate is reduced, precision is improved. The high and low file conversion device of servo control shortens the time and makes the shift fast and smooth. Processing centers and CNC milling machines can use at least four or more. X, Y-axis in- and fast-forwarding, can increase the smooth inerance, reduce noise, reduce the cost of servo motor. Because the high torque makes the control easier, although the load is different, it does not affect its smooth progress. The Z-axis is completely different due to the load of gravity up and down, and the addition of high-precision low-back-gap planetary gearboxes can reduce the load on the servo motor and increase the life of the machinery. Knife change mechanism requires fast, precise positioning, low vibration, high precision low back gap planetary gearbox is still the best choice.
The transmission sources of CNC machine tools are from servo electric motors. With the progress of industry, electric motors have been moving towards precision, high efficiency, simple control and direction of innovation. Mechanical matching also progressed from the traditional screw to precision planetary gearbox, but due to machine tool itself processing, load inertia system conditions vary greatly, it is necessary to attach a gearbox to increase torque, improve the load end inertia matching, so that the inertia operation smooth. Ordinary reducer efficiency is poor, large size, short life, more can not be used for precision positioning control, so the use of high-precision low-back gap planetary gearbox is still the best match, can eliminate the above difficulties.
Advantages of high precision low back-gap planetary gearboxes.
Planetary reducer high precision low back gap planetary reducer in the CNC machine tool application structure is compact, small size, rigid, can produce high torque density, coaxial input and output make the design more flexible, light weight. More than 96% of the high transmission efficiency, maintenance-free, long life, modular design applications and installation is easy, positive and inverse can be applied, good thermal conductivity, not easy to temperature rise, so the best choice for CNC machine tools components. The transmission sources of CNC machine tools are from servo electric motors.
Several points in practical application show that because of the use of high precision, low back gap with precision ball screw, the control system is simple to set up, can produce high precision products. High-strength rigid structure has a long service life, high efficiency, maintenance-free oil change, etc., so that mechanical failure is reduced. Since the gears are treated with ion nitride, the surface magnetosphere is wear-resistant and the substrate maintains its toughness. Hard cutting method, less variant, correct tooth type, can create high-precision low-back gap planetary gear reducer.
While the industry is developing rapidly, planetary gearboxes also occupy an important position in industry.

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