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  • 9月 16, 2020
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Precision planetary gearboxes are more and more widely used because of their long service life and economic characteristics. In the application of servo control, it has good servo stiffness effect and positioning control. It features low-to-medium clearance, high efficiency, high input speed, high input torque, smooth operation, low operating platform noise, lightweight appearance and structural design. Widely used in precision processing machine tools, aerospace industry, semiconductor equipment, printing machinery, food packaging, automation industry, industrial robots, medical inspection, precision testing equipment, automation of high-precision mechanical and electrical products and other industries.
1, in the selection of planetary gearbox, please choose your servo motor rated torque multiplied deceleration ratio, the resulting value in principle is less than the product sample provided by the rated output torque of similar gearbox, but also consider its driving motor overload capacity and the actual maximum required working torque. The maximum working torque required is less than 2 times the rated output torque. After meeting the above conditions, please select the smallest gearbox, the smaller gearbox cost is relatively low. If you do not have enough space for a straight line connection of the motor reducer, you can also select a corner gearbox that can turn torque 90 degrees.
2, consider the return clearance of the planetary gearbox. The smaller the return clearance, the higher its accuracy and the higher the cost. The user can select a gearbox that meets their accuracy requirements series. Lateral/radial forces and average life expectancy should also be considered. The lateral/radially forced gearbox is highly reliable in installation and use and is not prone to problems. Usually its average life is much longer than that of the equipped servo motor. After meeting the above indicators, you can choose the gearbox that matches your motor in the installation size, shaft diameter and input flange according to the product type record provided by our company.
Finally, you have to consider the weight of the motor you are equipped with. A gearbox is only allowed to match a motor less than a certain weight, the motor is too heavy, long-term operation will damage the gearbox input flolange.
Proper installation, use and maintenance of the gearbox is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of machinery and equipment. Therefore, when you install a planetary gearbox, be sure to assemble it carefully in strict accordance with the following installation order.
1, before installation should confirm that the motor and the gearbox are intact, and strictly check that the drive motor and the gearbox connected to the various parts of the size match. This refers to the size and mate tolerance between the positioning boss and shaft diameter of the drive motor flange and the positioning groove and aperture of the gearbox flange;
2, spin down the deceleration of the french side of the process hole on the screw block, spin the input of the reducer, so that the holding inner hexagonal screw cap and the process hole alignment, insert the inner hexagonal tool spin loosely clinging to the inner hexagon: screws.
3, hand-held drive motor, so that the key groove on its shaft and the gearbox input hole clamping screw vertical, the drive motor shaft inserted into the gearbox input hole. The insertion must ensure that the two hearts are consistent and the two flans are parallel. As if the heart degree is not consistent or the two-sided flan is not parallel, the cause must be identified. In addition, in the installation, it is strictly prohibited to hit with a hammer, you can prevent the hammering of the axial force or radial force too large damage to the bearings, but also through the assembly of the feel to determine whether the two fit. The method of judging the parallelism between the two is: after the two are inserted into each other, the two ftlanges are basically close and the gaps are the same.
4, in order to ensure that the two fall acceptance is uniform, first the drive motor fastening screws on any spin, but do not tighten; Be sure to tighten the drive motor tightening screws before tightening the gearbox input holes to hold the screws.
Note: The correct installation between the gearbox and the mechanical equipment is similar to the correct installation between the gearbox and the drive motor. The key is to ensure that the gearbox output shaft is consistent with the heart of the input shaft driven. With the continuous development of control motor applications, servo planetary gearboxes will be used more and more in the field of motion control transmission. We hope you will ensure that the planetary gearbox is installed correctly before use, providing reliable and safe operation for your equipment!

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