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  • 9月 15, 2020
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Precision gearboxes are used to reduce speed and increase torque to meet work requirements. In some cases it is also used for growth, called growth devices. So what do you know about some of the professional nouns for precision planetary gearboxes? Let’s take a look at it with the editor.
NO.1 speed ratio.
The ratio of input speed to output speed, deceleration ratio, input speed, output speed.
NO.2 Rated output torque.
A standard for the carrying capacity of the gearbox. When the gearbox input speed is within the rated input speed range, the maximum output torque allowed to be used to ensure the life of the gearbox is guaranteed.
NO.3 Emergency stop torque.
The maximum torque that the gearbox can withstand in an instant is the critical value of deformation and damage to the internal mechanical structure of the gearbox.
NO.4 Rated input speed.
The speed allowed to be used to ensure the working life of the gearbox.
NO.5 Maximum input speed.
Maximum speed that the gearbox can withstand (only in cycle mode, please lower the speed to the rated input speed range in continuous operating mode).
NO.6 Allow radial forces.
In order to guarantee the working life of the gearbox, the gearbox can withstand the maximum force perpendicular to the axial direction of the output shaft (0.5L).
NO.7 Allow axial forces.
In order to ensure the working life of the gearbox, the gearbox output can withstand the maximum axial force.
NO.8 Service life.
The life of the gearbox in cycle operation mode within the rated input speed, rated output torque and operating temperature range (half life in continuous operating mode).
NO.9 Noise value.
The gearbox is measured 1m from the gearbox in an empty, input speed of 3000rpm.
NO.10 Rotation inertia.
The gearbox input shaft tries to maintain its value in a rotating or prohibited state.
NO.11 Efficiency.
The ratio of output power to input power when the gearbox is rated at load.

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