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  • 9月 15, 2020
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GearKo Reducers has several years of experience in the planetary gearbox industry, many friends who have just entered the planetary gearbox industry to consult about planetary gearbox related issues, here, GearKo Reducers small editor for you to analyze the composition of planetary reducer parts and transmission principles.
Make up the part
Body, force shaft, force shaft oil seal, force bearing, solar nut, planetary frame, inner ring, planetary gear, stage gear, roller shaft, sun gear, type buckle ring, force bearing, force shaft oil seal, force frankin, O-ring, breathable plug, key, washer, inner hexagonal screw, etc.
The principle of transmission
The transmission structure of the planetary gearbox is the most efficient combination of the current gear reducer, and the basic transmission structure of the planetary gearbox is four parts: sun gear, planetary gear (combined in the planetary frame), inner gear ring, stage gear.
The drive source activates the sun gears in a directly connected manner, and the sun gears are combined to drive the planetary gears on the planetary carrier. The entire set of planetary gear systems rotates automatically along the outer gear ring, and the planetary frame is connected to the output shaft for acceleration purposes. A higher deceleration ratio is required to be multiplied by multiple sets of stage gears and planetary gears.

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