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  • 11月 10, 2020
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The surface of the planetary gear reducer is easily damaged, if there is a surface damage we should deal with it, the following for the planetary gear reducer surface damage should be how to deal with a simple understanding:
1. Once the bearing is severely worn, overloaded or affected, the bearing of the planetary gear reducer is slightly deformed or bent, it will cause the roor to sweep the chamber. As a result of the sweep, light will make the surface of the iron heart bruised, heavy will make the iron heart wear and tear resulting in the winding shell burned, should immediately cut off the power supply, so that the gearbox motor stop working, and check.
2, iron heart bruising site of the silicon steel sheet due to friction overheating and de-ignition, the result of the silicon steel plate magnetic conductivity is reduced, if not processed in time, then with the aging of the iron core insulation of the planetary gear reducer, the vortex continues to increase, resulting in the planetary gear reducer temperature rise, resulting in micro-motor overheating or even burning.
3, winding insulation through the short circuit or winding short circuit to the ground and produce an arc, so that the iron surface burns, and the burned iron surface is often uneven. This not only affects the normal operation of the planetary gear reducer, but also causes a short circuit between silicon steel plates, which increases the iron vortex.
After understanding how to deal with the surface damage of the planetary gear reducer, hopefully it will be more helpful to us in the future, and it will bring greater benefits, which will also be more useful for our use.

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