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  • 11月 23, 2020
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When we buy a planetary gearbox, we must first ask about its installation and routine maintenance methods, because in the daily maintenance can make the machine better operation, but also indirectly improve the life of the gearbox, so to make the machine better operation must first understand how to maintain it.
I. Routine maintenance of planetary gearboxes:
1, often check the installation of the machine, drive shaft and other small parts are loose phenomenon.
2, in normal use, should often check the oil level of the oil (observed through the oil window), the maximum temperature of the lubricant should be less than 85 degrees, when the oil temperature change abnormal or abnormal noise, must immediately stop the inspection, in order to continue to use.
3, after replacing the new accessories must go through the test, test pass before using.
4, do not use gravity hammer to hit the reducer shell, so as not to damage.
Second, check and replace the use of lubricants:
1, the working environment temperature of the planetary reducer is -40 degrees C to 40 degrees C. When the ambient temperature is below 0 degrees C, use a low coagulation point lubricant before starting.
2, often check if the oil needs to be replaced, and keep enough oil at run time, transmission cleaning and maintenance machines help us reduce transmission lubrication, and help us reduce transmission problems.
3, the amount of fuel injection should meet the requirements. New oil must be replaced with the original brand of oil, not mixed with different brands, different types of oil.
4, the gearbox using natural cooling oil tank, gears and bearings should be fully lubricated and proper operation, 24 hours continuous shutdown.

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