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  • 11月 22, 2020
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Ninety percent of any mechanical equipment can not be separated from oil, and gear reducers are the same, no oil can not operate, today will tell you about the gear reducer oil knowledge.
1, refueling only need to unscrew the air cap on it, oil discharge needs to be unscrewed, you can drain the fuel out.
2, the newly issued gear reducer every six months for lubrication and replacement.
3, horizontal swing gear reducer in normal conditions with the tank lubrication, oil level is maintained in the middle of the oil window, when the operating conditions are bad, the ambient temperature can be used cycle lubrication.
4, the first fuel 100 hours should be replaced with new oil, and then the fuel replacement, every six months to replace the 8 hours of work system, if the poor working conditions can be appropriately shortened oil change, to prove that the reducer needs regular regular cleaning and oil change, to extend the life of the gear reducer has an important role, in the process of use should often replenish the oil.
5, installation should be strictly in accordance with the instructions on the installation method, so as to prevent damage to the internal parts of the reducer.

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