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  • 11月 22, 2020
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Planetary retardators are very common in the mechanical industry, but there are still some customers do not understand, especially in the winter when the use of oil leakage phenomenon, because the winter temperature is low, encounter oil leakage phenomenon if not resolved in time will make the oil quickly curing, today to tell you how to solve the phenomenon of planetary reducer oil leakage in winter.
Winter gearbox oil leakage solutions are more common and easy to cure, and oil spills from planetary reducers will stop in the oil stamp. The solution is as follows: cause of leakage: with rubber ring seal and housing grease, no rubber elastic cooling. However, after a period of running the gear unit, the heat gap and the oil increase after the leak. You can change it. If you work long hours at low temperatures, switch to another form as needed.
1, remove the entire planetary reducer, and then turn the cursor to the sky (grease mark in the highest position), unscrew the grease mark on the planetary reducer shell, fill with sealant or lubricant mark. Installed, can be installed.
2, the oil inside the machine after drying, and then by the planetary reducer shell oil stains, oil seals or rubber bands on the oil seal, and then remove, and then take out the gear oil, add it to the planetary reducer.

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