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  • 11月 19, 2020
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When we use the planetary reducer, don’t just use and neglect to maintain this work, this is the common disease of every mechanical equipment, no matter how good the equipment, as long as the maintenance and repair from time to time, it will often go wrong, heavy can not use to reduce the life of the planetary reducer, etc. What should I do during routine maintenance?
1. The maintenance of servo reducer usually includes: changing the lubricant, checking that the mounting base, sealing ring, drive shaft, etc. are normal, removing the main components of the housing. Planetary gearbox cleaning protectors can use the planetary gearbox’s original exhaust system and filtered old oil to complete the cleaning of the retarding chassis, quickly filter waste oil, add new oil functions. The working process does not change the hardware device. No cleaning agent is required to ensure the safety of the servo gearbox and extend its service life.
2. Servo reducer cleaning, reducer use process lubricants will be mixed with a variety of impurities, so we usually use this process to protect the decelerator cleaning, speed cleaner is a special cleaning of the inside of the reducer cleaning, very good to help us protect the internal impurities of the reducing agent inside, so that we can use the reducing agent very well.
3. After the deceleration machine is factory, the general operation is about 200 hours (oil must exceed the cycle), determined by the technical characteristics of the initial application of the deceleration machinery. The operating cycle is the main link to ensure the normal operation of the reducer, reduce the failure rate and extend the operating life. But now some users are using small machines very well and are neglected because of a lack of knowledge about how to use the reducer, or because the allowed torque cannot be, or because they want to make a profit as quickly as possible.
This is the maintenance of the main components we describe. Of course, there is no need to maintain these points during normal maintenance, which is only the most important cleaning and maintenance, such as planetary oblique gear reducers, and other components are protected by demand.

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