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  • 11月 19, 2020
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At present, the development of planetary gearbox is increasing day by day, which is closely related to its characteristics, people in the industry know that light weight, compact structure, large carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency, stable operation, strong impact resistance, transmission ratio of these characteristics are only a small part, so it can be used in all walks of life. Even so, we have learned how to extend the life of planetary reducers.
1. When selecting a planetary reducer, the appropriate gearbox should be selected strictly according to the load size and output speed. If the load is too large, the gear will work for a long time at full load and its natural life will not be too long.
2. After using the planetary reducer for some time, for example, we need to observe from time to time whether the planetary reducer has abnormal noise, deceleration or other conditions. At this point, we should consider whether there are any problems with the planetary decelerator. When the temperature of the planetary reducer is found to be too high or the rotation is not smooth after a period of time, it is necessary to determine whether the gears are worn or whether it is necessary to add lubricant.
3. In the installation, to be carried out in accordance with the instructions, in the after-sales aspects are also guaranteed.
Compared with large materials, in the selection to understand its working characteristics, the surface needs to reach a certain hardness, and ensure wear resistance. Heavy gears generally use alloy steel with a carbon content of less than 0.2%, and alloy elements are chromium, nickel, vanadium, titanium and other materials. These elements have a significant effect on improving quenching, grain refinement, wear resistance and toughness.
Incorrect use of lubricants can also cause the machine to fail. The parameters of lubricants are directly related to the load, operating speed, profile and operating temperature of the gears, and the selection of reasonable lubrication methods and lubricants can effectively improve the service life of planetary gearbox equipment.

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