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  • 11月 17, 2020
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Planetary reducer if not used for a long time or long-term in the wind and sun area prone to rust phenomenon, and rust will seriously affect the efficiency of the reducer and the length of use, in order to avoid the planetary reducer rust phenomenon company to organize some ways to prevent the rust of the reducer.
Here’s how to prevent planetary reducers from rusting:
1. The planetary decelerator is a component consisting of the gear drive, worm drive and gearbox drive installed in the rigid housing, and the planetary decelerator serves as the deceleration drive between the original part and the working machine. Planetary retarders, which match speed and transfer torque between the primary motivation and the working machine or acto, are widely used in modern machinery to avoid rusting of planetary reducers, and some rust-proof solvents and anti-corrosion solvents can be added.
2. The lubricant can be applied to the linked positions of each part, which can effectively reduce wear and tear.
3. Keep the planetary gear reducer clean and dry.
4. Electroplating, thermal immersion plating, etc. Apply a layer of non-corrosive metal to the surface of the planetary reducer to form a thin oxide film, which is then used to directly contact the reducing agent with water, air and other substances.
Rust corrosion tends to make the reducer in poor working condition and affect the life. Therefore, it is recommended that these anti-rust measures be carried out prior to the use of planetary reducers to ensure the long-term use of planetary reducers.

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