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  • 11月 17, 2020
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About the planetary reducer, after a long time will inevitably appear some faults, some are good, but the phenomenon of broken shafts does give many customers a headache, because do not know how to deal with, today to introduce you to the welding planetary reducer knowledge.
First, pre-weld cleaning
Grooves and blunt surfaces of the shafts of the cylindrical gear reducers must be removed from rust, oil contamination, moisture and oxidizing skins before welding. First, water and oil must be removed by baking through flame, then polished with a manual sand cloth or grinder to remove rust. The oxide film can be removed directly from the grinder, while acetone or ethanol can be used to remove some difficult oil contamination.
Second, welding
To prevent welding deformation during welding, the planetary reducer forum should add positioning blocks to the groove to ensure equal weld clearance. It is best to select two points in the welding position to do the positioning point, so as to avoid welding errors. In order to prevent cracks from occurring, the cooling speed of the entire welding area should also be reduced. After welding each layer of weld, the appearance of the weld should be visually checked, if there are holes, debris, cracks and other defects, should be removed through carbon arc particles. Welding can continue after repair welding, when welding to the height of the anchor block, when the cooling temperature of the weld to be welded is not less than 200 degrees C, the positioning block is destroyed and continue welding.
Third, post-welding treatment and machining.
Fourth, after welding with asbestos plate cover, reduce the degree of hardening, to avoid brittle cracking. To eliminate welding stress, the welding area can be heated to 350-550 C by acetylene flame and slowly buried in hot sand or white ash until normal temperature is reached. Welding position is best neat, and even without biting edges and other phenomena occur, check the appearance of qualified, the output shaft welding parts adjusted to the desired outer ring and end face size. Welding position is best neat, and even without biting edges and other phenomena occur.
The above welding repair method is simple and practical, low cost, after verification, the planetary reducer after welding repair output shaft is almost the same as before, can be used normally. If the planetary gearbox encounters this situation do not have to panic, small problems can be solved by the above methods, the big problem is best to replace the equipment.

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