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  • 11月 16, 2020
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For the planetary reducer, its gear is a more important and weak components, some enterprises in order to improve work efficiency so that the planetary reducer long-term high load of work, and gear load is also growing, so that the failure rate of equipment increased, in order to meet the needs of various enterprises, today to tell you a few points to improve the load and performance of the equipment small methods.
1. Gear modification
Modifying the profile and root end modification is a good method to modify the performance of the heavy drive gear, which is used for heavy gear, and the gear tooth end modification is usually prevented by the misalloyed end of the overloaded tooth.
2. Adjust the displacement coefficient
If the displacement coefficient is selected correctly, the carrying capacity of the gear can be increased by 20% to 30%.
3. The accuracy and error of the control device
Not only with precision gear level flank strength, but also concerned with the absolute value of pitch error. If the pitch error is large, the rolling pressure is applied to the gear teeth are also large.
4. Increase the width of the teeth
When the outer diameter of the planetary gear reducer is constant, increasing the width, while the inner gear can effectively improve the carrying capacity of the gear.
5. Increase the gear module and increase the profile angle
The outer diameter of the planetary reducer is unchanged, and the carrying capacity needs to be increased, the gear mould is increased appropriately, and the number of gear teeth can be reduced.

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