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  • 11月 16, 2020
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Many planetary gearbox users know that it is used to reduce the speed of the main equipment to increase torque and then meet our needs. Don’t look at this accessory is small, but it is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for many machinery manufacturers, but long hours of work will be high temperature situation, so what are the cooling methods?
The working environment of the reducer is generally relatively poor, must also work in the high temperature environment, so cooling is particularly important, the following brief description of the four main cooling methods of the planetary gearbox.
1. In the long-term operation of the decelerator, the temperature rise of the oil tank and bearing will heat the oil tank can not exceed 35 degrees C, the temperature of the bearings and the temperature of more than 45 degrees C.
2. If the emergency requires the planetary gearbox to operate for a long time, the equipment should be equipped with a cooling system, which can make the planetary gearbox work for a long time without error. The decelerator is equipped with a cooling spiral tube, which allows the user to connect some cooling water to the cooling water, which is passed through the spiral tube and the heat is passed out to the cooling water for cooling effect.
3. The cooling water flow must not be too large, but to ensure that it can pass through the planetary gearbox at will.
4. If the gearbox does not work for a long time, there is a risk of icing, so the cooling water must be drained clean.
In the normal operation of the planetary gearbox, there is a need for staff to check from time to time, if there is an abnormal should immediately stop working, so that the hidden dangers can be smothered in the cradle, but also improve the life of the planetary gearbox, but also improve work efficiency.

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