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  • 11月 15, 2020
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Planetary gearboxes are the type of servo motor reducers that match, the most important in selecting planetary gear reducers. The first step is to determine the gearbox deceleration ratio, if a standard gearbox does not have the deceleration ratio you need, please choose a closer or enterprise-specific gearbox.
After determining the deceleration ratio, multiply the rated torque of the servo motor of your choice by the deceleration ratio to obtain the rated output torque of the similar reducer provided on the product record, and also test the overload capacity of the drive motor and the maximum working torque actually required.
The maximum operating torque required by the planetary gearbox shall be 2 bits of the rated output torque, and after meeting the above conditions, select the smallest gearbox, which is relatively low cost.
Then also consider the tooth gap of the planetary reducer, the higher the accuracy of the smaller the back gap, the higher the cost, in order to meet the user’s choice of precision deceleration range can be.
Planetary gear reducers also take full account of the force and average working life of the enterprise’s lateral/radial structure. The lateral/radially forced gearbox is highly reliable in installation and use and is not prone to problems, and its average life expectancy is usually much higher than that of the servo-controlled motors.

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