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  • 11月 15, 2020
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What does it mean to have dual support for a planetary gearbox? The internal structure of the planetary gearbox includes: planetary frame, planetary gear, solar wheel, inner ring gear and other parts, and here the planetary gearbox double support refers to the planetary frame of the planetary gearbox has support on both sides, axis oblique gear reducer company, double support structure refers to the gear on the planetary frame on both sides of the force.
Double support structure of the planetary gear reducer because there are support points on both sides of the gear, when the output of the planetary gear reducer load, the gear will not be biased to one side, because there will be no slip lock does not die phenomenon, more can ensure concentricity, accuracy is more accurate, the planetary reducer double support has two support points, its bearings and planetary frame is one, each pin hole must be up and down corresponding, must be precise, to ensure complete concentricity, can not be biased.

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