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  • 12月 23, 2020
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Planetary gearbox in the process of motion will inevitably produce friction, friction will cause the size, shape and surface quality of the relevant components to change, resulting in wear and tear, increasing the gap between the relevant components. And after the gap exceeds a reasonable range, Jin Great Wall believes that only adjusting the gap can guarantee the accuracy of the relative motion between the parts of the planetary reducer. So how should these gaps be judged and adjusted?
adjustment of guide precision of the guide rail;
For general mechanical equipment, the gap between the rails is suitable, usually with 0.03mm or 0.04mm thick plug into the end face, and requires a depth of no more than 20mm. If the rail gap is not correct, it should be adjusted in time.
Adjustment of the screw lifter and nut clearance.
Lifting screw nut drive is one of the most commonly used mechanisms for achieving linear motion. Nuts and screws, it is difficult to do without gaps. Especially after a period of use, due to wear, the clearance is greater, affecting the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, when the equipment is serviced, care must be taken to eliminate the gap between the screw and nut.
Adjustment of the rotation accuracy of the planetary gearbox spindle.
Generally speaking, under the premise that the processing error of the spindle itself meets the requirements, the rotation accuracy of the main shaft of the reducer depends to a large extent on the bearings. Adjusting the shaft tile gap is the key to adjusting the spindle swing accuracy. Maintaining a reasonable bearing clearance is important for the working performance and bearing life of spindle components. For rolling bearings, when there is a large gap, not only will the load concentrate on the rolling body in the direction of force, but also will make the bearing inside and outside the ring roller contact serious stress concentration phenomenon, shorten the bearing life, but also make the spindle center line drift, easy to cause spindle component vibration. To this end, the rolling bearing adjustment, must be preloaded, so that the bearing internal production of a certain amount of over-profit, resulting in a certain amount of elastic deformation between the rolling body and the inner and outer ring ballway contact, thereby improving the stiffness of the bearing.
On the planetary gearbox in the course of operation of the gap, the Golden Wall suggested that we must be correctly treated and can be adjusted in a timely manner, in order not to affect the normal operation of the machine, daily maintenance is essential, I hope that users should pay attention to the purchase of high-quality products, but also to strengthen the gearbox after maintenance work.

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