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  • 12月 18, 2020
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Planetary gearboxes can have cracks in their use, which can affect their service life, and we can actually protect them. So what’s the measure to prevent cracks in the planetary gearbox?
We will develop a strict planetary reducer gear tooth shaft forging system to control deformation uniformity, and we will use a “two light one weight” forging method to reduce deformation stress and internal defects.
Strengthen feed inspection, strictly control the quality of in ining materials. This inspection includes two aspects: first, the macro aspect, mainly to check the appearance quality and surface small crack defects, and second, the micro aspect, mainly to check the material composition and analysis of tissue, such as partial analysis, white spots and other internal defects.
Attention should also be paid to controlling the white spots and residual stresses in the cooling process after the planetary gearbox is forged. For large parts, due to the complex structure of multi-alloy steel work parts, the partial analysis is more serious, so in the process of forging cold often occurs osteoster decomposition transformation is not complete, which also leads to excessive participation in austenitum, at this time can be used secondary too cold recrystory and other temperature Cooling process, so that hydrogen diffuses in sufficient time to achieve the purpose of preventing white spots, for small pieces can be forged after slow cooling method, specifically, can be used to cover each other’s insulation materials (such as insulation blankets or slow cold pit gray cooling, etc.).
For some original interleaving, more defective planetary reducer gears, tooth shaft work parts, should be forged in time after heat treatment, in addition to the development of strict quenching re-ignition process, in order to avoid quenching stress is too large and cause equipment cracks.

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