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  • 11月 12, 2020
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Planetary gearbox is a commonly used gearbox, so what role does the planetary gearbox rotation inertia play?
From a lot of information above is explained as this: the rotation inertia depends on whether you can control the motor when the motor starts and stops, that is to say, the start and stop time is unstable. Planetary gearboxes can enlarge the rotation inertia of a servo motor into a square multiple of the speed ratio of the gearbox, say, a gearbox of 1 to 10, and the inertia is magnified 100 times.
Engineers know that the inertia of the servo motor is relatively small, generally calculated to the servo motor itself load inertia can not exceed the servo motor itself inertia of about 4 times. There are many kinds of loads in practical applications, and if the inertia of the load is too far from the inertia acceptable to the motor, the response speed of the servo motor will be greatly reduced, which will affect production efficiency and increase dynamic error.
So how do you solve this problem? With the birth of precision planetary gearboxes, the role of matching inertia can be achieved.

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