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  • 11月 11, 2020
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Gear is an important part of gear reducer, gear plays an important role for gear reducer. If good gears are used, these advantages can be brought to the gear reducer:
1) High efficiency In the commonly used mechanical transmission, the gear transmission efficiency is high, the closed transmission efficiency is 96% to 99%, which has great economic significance for high power transmission.
2) The compact structure is smaller than the space size required for belt and chain drive.
3) The stability of transmission ratio is often the basic requirement for transmission performance. Gear drive is widely used precisely because of this characteristic.
4) Reliable work, long-life design and manufacturing correct and reasonable, the use of well-maintained gear transmission, work is very reliable, life can be as long as one or twenty years, which is other mechanical transmission can not be compared.
The gears that make up the gear reducer are divided into oblique and straight gears. Why are the gears of many gear reducers oblique? We can compare the reasons.
1, the position of the gear gear reducer shaft is freer than that of the straight gear. For example, the differential drive shaft with oblique umbrella teeth does not have to be on the same horizontal surface as the rear axle, if it is a straight umbrella tooth, it is necessary.
2, reduce the noise, gear reducer if the use of oblique teeth, then at the same speed, the noise will be much lower than straight teeth. The reason is that the surface of the tilted teeth of the gear reducer is contacted first, then transitioned to face contact, and then to point contact. Straight gears are the contact of the line. The transition of the oblique teeth is smoother. As a result, the noise generated by the sudden change in contact is much smaller than the flat teeth.
3, the oblique gear re-engages greatly, and the number of teeth entering the meshing at the same time is high. Reduces impact and noise, making the drive smoother and able to withstand high-speed overloads
4, in the process of processing, to avoid the generation of root cut small number of teeth. The corresponding gear head is small, so in the case of the same transmission sub-transmission ratio, the gear reducer using oblique gear is smaller.
5, easy to produce, with the roller on the cylindrical embryo can produce the number of teeth, the module of the same surface width of a group of oblique gear reducer, later according to customer demand cut into different face width can be.
The smoothness of the direct gear is poor, the impact and noise is large, the gear reducer application oblique gear transmission re-engagement degree is large, the flank contact is good, so the carrying capacity is high; The gear reducer uses oblique gear more reasonably and is suitable for engineering practice.
The oblique gear reducer has so many advantages, but its advantages are based on manufacturing, surface treatment, and profile modification.

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