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  • 9月 8, 2020
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Gear reducer is generally used for low-speed high torque transmission equipment, the motor ordinary gearbox will also have several pairs of the same principle gear to achieve the ideal deceleration effect, the size of the gear of the tooth ratio, is the transmission ratio. With the continuous development of the gearbox industry, more and more enterprises use the gearbox. However, in the process of use there will be failures, the following is to introduce those failures need our attention.

1. Wear fast.

Due to the new gear reducer parts processing, assembly and commissioning and other factors, the contact area of the matching surface is small, and the larger twisting distance is allowed. Gear reducer in the course of operation, the bump part of the surface of the part embedded friction, grinding down the metal debris, and as an abrasive, continue to participate in friction, but also accelerate the wear of the part with the surface. Therefore, the run-in period is easy to cause wear of components (especially with the surface), wear speed is too fast. At this point, if the overload is running, it can cause damage to components and early failure.

2. There are many operational errors.

Due to the lack of understanding of the structure and performance of the gearbox motor (especially the new operator), it is easy to cause failure due to operational errors, and even cause mechanical accidents and safety accidents.

3. Poor lubrication.

Because the fit gap of the newly assembled components is small, and because of assembly and other reasons, the lubricant (fat) is not easy to form a uniform oil film on the friction surface to prevent wear. This reduces lubrication efficiency and results in early abnormal wear of the machine parts. In severe cases, it can cause frictional surface scratches or bites of precision mates, resulting in malfunctions.

4. Loose.

Newly processed components, there is geometry and size deviation, in the early stage of use, due to shock, vibration and other cross-shift load, as well as by heat, deformation and other factors, coupled with excessive wear and other reasons, easy to make the original fastening parts loose.

5. Leakage occurs.

Due to the loose parts, vibration and gear reducer affected by heat, the sealing surface of the gear reducer and fittings, such as leakage phenomenon, part of the casting and other defects, difficult to find in assembly and commissioning, but due to vibration, impact in the course of the operation, this defect was exposed, as a leakage (seepage) oil. As a result, occasional leakage occurs during the run-in period.

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