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  • 8月 31, 2020
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Planetary gear reducer is a widely used industrial products, its performance can be comparable with other military-grade gearbox products, but has the price of industrial-grade products, is used in a wide range of industrial applications. Planetary gear reducer has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high carrying capacity, long service life, smooth operation, low noise, large output torque, large speed ratio, high efficiency and safe performance.
Below I will take you to understand the planetary gear reducer’s previous life, mainly to talk about the planetary gear reducer’s global high-quality manufacturers and well-known brands.
A. German brands:
1. Newkat Brand: Neugart. This is the ancestor of the production of planetary gear reducers, Germany’s famous brand of planetary gear reducers, according to its high precision, high rigidity of products to serve first-class large enterprises at home and abroad. It is expensive and generally suitable for high-tech cutting-edge equipment. However, it is divided into all original imports and domestic assembly but the core components are German original, currently has an assembly base in Shenyang. Neugart entered the Chinese market in 1996 and became one of the first German manufacturers of planetary gearboxes to enter China. The standard gear models for NEUGART planetary gearboxes in Newcart, Germany, are: PLN, WPLN, PLFN, PLE, WPLE, PLFE, PLHE, PLPE, WPLPE.
2. Alpha Brand: Alpha ALPHA is part of the WITTRNSTEIN Wittenstein Group of Germany, founded in 1949, ALPHA employs 1,400 people, established its first subsidiary in France in 1989, and ̈FAtec Co. in Seoul, South Korea, in 1996. Ltd. ̈ a joint venture, with a third plant in Harthausen, Germany, and in 2008 THETENSTEIN ib?rica S.L.U., alpha’s Spanish subsidiary. Alpha ALPHA focuses on the research and development of high-precision gearboxes for the world’s most sophisticated gearbox and motor products. The core concepts of ALPHA in Germany: precise control, precise positioning, precise driving. Alpha technology advantages in Germany: well-designed, manufacturing process deep dynamic performance, high torsional stiffness, high reliability, high stability Life lubrication, long-life return gap: 1 arcmin acceleration force distance: 32-2600 Nm Life: 20,000 hours or more Torsion stiffness: 6.8-550 Nm/arcmin Noise: 65 – 70 Db (A) Run Slip: Lifetime Synthetic Lubricants PG220 Reduction Ratio: 21/31/61/91/110/220 Protection Class: IP64 German ALPHA Products Main Series: TP SP LP ALPHNEO ALPHI ALPHIRA TK TPK SK SPK HG LK LPK L IQ TPM ECD ALPHA ALPHA EPM CYM.
B. Japanese brand 1. Brand: Xinbao (shimpo) Japanese electricity SHIMPO Xinbao planetary gearbox is in Kyoto in 1952 as Japan’s initial “variable gearbox” Nanjing Shanghai Dokawa Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. Xinbao reducer manufacturers were born, from then on through technical training, and constantly develop new technologies, new products, in the field of traction technology has established a world-class position. Three awards by the Japan Machinery Association, several invention awards, fully demonstrated the technical level of SHIMPO. In order to meet the needs of the market, SHIMPO has created a swing line true round gear reducer and for servo motor precision planetary gearbox products. The main models are: VRB, VRL, VRSF, VRS, EVL, VRGF, etc. At present, there is a production plant in Pinghu, Zhejiang Province, Xinbao all parts of China’s production ‘precision can also be’ but the quality of mass production has dropped a lot. Global high-quality planetary gear reducer manufacturers and well-known brands.
C. Taiwan brand Taiwan brand is relatively more, such as elite wide use, the World Association, Liming, Pinhong and so on. Quality is also uneven, fish and dragon mixed. Now many brands in Taiwan are looking for inland factories to process the label. But it has to be mentioned that Taiwan’s elite widely used APEX brand planetary gear reducer, which can be said to represent taiwan’s highest level of planetary gearbox, its price is also expensive. But its accuracy and product quality is also quite good. Its main product models are AB ABR AF AFR AE AER AT AD ADR PN PE PG, etc.
D. Chinese brand With the continuous development of China’s gearbox industry, the current domestic gearbox manufacturing technology is becoming more and more perfect and mature, although and Germany and Japan and other countries in basic industries such as material materials, heat treatment technology, high-end ultra-precision machine tools there are some gaps. But at present, the quality and precision of China’s planetary gearboxes are also gradually approaching the quality of foreign products. China has also emerged a number of well-known high-quality planetary gearbox manufacturers and brands. For example: Hubei Planet, Ningbo Zhong university, Shanghai Xingxing!
1. Hubei Planet is the domestic relatively early production of planetary gear reducer manufacturers, the main core products are engineering planetary gear reducer, are relatively large, large load, high torque, high speed ratio and other heavy. The main applications such as the top pipe machine with planetary gear reducer, the digger with planetary gear reducer, the ship roll machine with planetary gear reducer.
2. Ningbo Zhongda Lide is the domestic micro-small gear motor started, power from 25W-750w, and later developed a product line. A precision servo planetary gear reducer has been made. There are mainly brushless motor planetary gear reducers, micro-gear motors and so on.
3. Shanghai Xing Brand: Xing Xing.
Shanghai Xing Transmission Technology Co. , Ltd. is a professional in gearbox research and development, manufacturing, sales, after-sales service as one of the modern integrated enterprises, specializing in the production of various models and specifications of the gearbox and its supporting motors. After more than 10 years of development into a large-scale professional high-quality gearbox production plant. The company has long been committed to providing customers with mechanical transmission products and overall transmission solutions. At the same time, we have established a good long-term partnership with Germany SEW, Germany NORD, Japan Xinbao (SHIMPO) company, for the needy customer advantages to provide SEW, NORD, Xinbao (SHIMPO) products. Its production of the core products servo planetary gear reducer, servo planetary gear reducer, planetary gear reducer single-stage precision back gap is less than 1 arc point, leading the domestic peer level, can be applied to high precision requirements of industrial equipment, such as color printing presses, industrial printers and so on. Its models are HAB, HAE, HAF, HABR, HPL, HPLF, etc.
For some foreign brands of planetary gear reducers, its advantages are high-end quality, stable performance. But it’s expensive, and it’s mainly used in high-powered devices. And the cycle is very long, generally requires 3-6 months of delivery. Another point is that after-sales maintenance of this fast page is quite cumbersome. At present, the performance of domestic planetary gear reducers can meet 85% of domestic and foreign industrial equipment, and delivery time is generally 5-15 days can be delivered, such as comparative standard commonly used servo planetary gear reducers more large factories have a library layer of spot, such as Shanghai Xing gearbox factory standard spot has a library layer, has been the user’s timely needs. Another point is its affordable, such as the same accuracy of 1 arc point with 750W servo motor speed ratio 3 of the 90-type servo planetary gear reducer, Newkat, Germany, Alpha price of about 17,000 yuan, elite wide-use price of about 12,000 yuan. The price of the Shanghai Xing brand only needs 2000 yuan. This greatly saves the procurement cost, is not very cost-effective ah.

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