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  • 1月 13, 2021
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Planetary gearboxes are widely used in various fields of Chinese industry, and their torque determines the application and range of planetary reducers, the commonly used torque calculation formula for planetary reducers, and the introduction of the output torque and speed of some small planetary reducers. So how do we calculate the rotational torque of the planetary gearbox? The next step is to do a detailed description for you:
The torque of the planetary gearbox depends on the power speed. Its rated output (input) torque depends on its rated drive power and rated output (input) speed, while its actual drive power (load size) and actual output (input) speed determine the actual output (input) torque of the reducer. Choose the most suitable model and specification of the gearbox, to ensure the safety of product use, do not overload use. If its rated output torque is insufficient, and the working machinery does not move, just replace the reducer, choose a rated power, or rated power unchanged, low output speed gearbox.
Torsion calculation:
The calculation of torque is very important for the life of planetary reducer, and it is important to pay attention to whether the maximum torque (TP) of acceleration is greater than its maximum load torque.
The speed of the gearbox is the speed of the gearbox/output shaft speed.
Application power is generally commonly used in the market reducer power, reducer application range, the working factor can be maintained at more than 1.2, but can also be determined as needed:
There are two areas to note:
The output shaft diameter of the planetary gearbox cannot be greater than the maximum used shaft diameter in the table.
After torque calculation, the speed can meet the normal working requirements, but when the servo output is insufficient, it is necessary to limit the flow control on the side of the drive motor or to protect the torque of the mechanical shaft.

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