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  • 10月 17, 2020
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Cylindrical gear reducer belongs to one of the gear reducers, based on the principle of gear reducer, used to reduce the speed, increase torque of the mechanical transmission device, which uses the speed converter of the gear, the number of swings of the motor to the required number of swings, and get a larger torque of the device. Cylindrical gear reducer is a relatively precise machine that is used to reduce speed and increase torque. Often used in mines, ports, aviation, construction, lifting, machinery and equipment, automobiles and other fields.
The structure of the cylindrical gear reducer.
Cylindrical gear reducer is mainly composed of parallel shaft gear, cylindrical gear, seal ring, transmission shaft, box, according to the structure characteristics are divided into a first-stage cylindrical gear reducer, two-stage cylindrical gear reducer, three-stage cylindrical gear reducer, multi-stage gear reducer, each stage consists of multiple size gears transmission; If the i> 10 hours (i for the transmission ratio), a secondary cylindrical gear reducer should be used. The second-stage cylindrical gear reducer is used in cases where the total center distance of the i:8-50 and high and low speed stages is 250-400mm. A three-stage cylindrical gear reducer that requires a relatively large demand for transmission. The above conclusions show that the more stages of the cylindrical gear reducer, the greater the deceleration ratio, the lower the output speed, the greater the torque, the greater the noise;
The performance characteristics of the cylindrical gear reducer.
Small size, light weight, high precision, high carrying capacity, high efficiency, long life, high reliability, smooth transmission, low noise; Cool the pan. The working environment can be at -40-50 degrees C, and if it is below 0 degrees C, it can work in special environments. Cylindrical gear reducers can be designed and customized for the power and performance of the gear reducers according to the actual application needs.

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